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September 16, 2020

Class 12th Python Project work (UPDATED)

Best Class 12th Python Project work with Source Codes

Class 12th Python Project work
Class 12th Python Project work 

Hello friends, as we all know that after the submission of the class 12th computer science Practical file, it is very important to submit your project file with the source code of your project to your class teacher to get 30 out of 30 marks in your practical marks.

So, today in this article I Mohit Gupta student of class 12th gives you lots of practicals ideas to submit your project and your dream marks in Computer Science.

This Project is created to fulfill the requirements of the new students in Python of class 12th so that they can score better in their examination and gain better marks as a whole. We can also give you the link to the Class 12th Python Project work. So that they can easily download this project and edit with their choice. We know that the Python Subject is introduced in 2020-21 and there is no database for reading the python. The Python is also new for the teacher of computer science. And there are 10 marks for this Class 12th Python Project work. There are no charges for Class 12th Python Project work this is absolutely free for all the students and teachers. 

But I can request you if you like this post push the notification button of our site so that you can take the benefit of our latest updates related to Python.

There are lots of Topics for Python Projects for class 12th.

And Today I Gives you some Limited Topics but I can give you all the Python Projects with Source Code.

Best Class 12th Computer Science Projects Topics With Source Code:

1. Python Project for class 12th on Bank Management.

2. Python Project for class 12th on Library Management. 

3. Python Project for class 12th on Scientific Calculator.

4. Python Project for class 12th on Hotel Management.

5. Python Project for class 12th on ATM Management System.

6. Python Project for class 12th on Reception Management  System.

7. Python Project for class 12th on Book Shop Management.

8. Python Project for class 12th on Employee Salary Management System.

9.  Python Project for class 12th on Store Management System.

10. Python Project for class 12th on Instant Messanger.

These are Some Limited Class 12th Python Project Work with Source Code. 

But all the Source Code of Class 12th Python Project download Link you will get in my Telegram Channel and all the Other Amazing Python Project of Class 12th Computer Science with Source.

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class 12th python project work

Thursday, 9 July 2020

July 09, 2020

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the real world  

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

Hello everyone, In today's session, we are going to see applications of artificial intelligence. 

So the topics that we are going to cover in today's session are types of artificial intelligence artificial intelligence-related trends and technologies and applications of artificial intelligence. 

So without wasting time, we'll start with an overview of artificial intelligence. 

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of one intelligence process by machines, especially computer systems. This possesses learning reasoning and self-correction.

Some of the applications of artificial intelligence include expert system speech recognition and machine vision. Artificial intelligence is advancing dramatically; it is already transforming our world socially, economically, and politically.

 Artificial intelligence was coined by John McCarthy, an American computer scientist in 1956 at The Dartmouth Conference, where the discipline was born. 

Today it is an umbrella term that encompasses everything from robotic process automation with actual robotics.

Artificial Intelligence can perform tasks such as identifying patterns in the data more efficiently than humans enabling businesses to gain more insight out of their data now. Let's move to types of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence can be classified in several ways the first classifies the artificial intelligence as either weak artificial intelligence or sharp artificial intelligence weak artificial intelligence, also known as narrow artificial intelligence.

It is an AI system that designed and trained for a specific type of task sharp artificial intelligence is known as artificial general intelligence.

It is an AI system with generalized one cognitive abilities so that when presented with unfamiliar tasks, it has enough intelligence to find a solution.

Artificial Intelligence is categorized into the four types these are as follows type 1- reactive machines it is an example of Deep Blue, an IBM chess program that can identify pieces on the chessboard and can make predictions accordingly. Still, the major fault with this is that it has no memory and cannot use past experiences to inform the future.

Ones it also analyzes possible moves of its own and its opponent deep blue and AlphaGO designed for nano purposes and cannot easily be applied to any other solution, the next type is limited memory.

This artificial intelligence system can use past experiences to inform future decisions. Most of the decision-making functions in autonomous vehicles have been designed in this way.

The next type is the theory of mind; this is a psychology term that refers to the understanding like others in their benefits and intentions that impact the decision.

 They make the fourth type is self-awareness in this category AI system has a sense of self have consciousness machine with self-awareness understand.

Their current state and can use the information to infer what others are feeling now let's move to the artificial intelligence technologies.

The market for artificial intelligence technologies is flourishing artificial intelligence involves a variety of techniques and tools.

Some of the recent technologies are as follows natural language generation; it is a tool that produces text from the computer data currently used in customer service report generation and summarizing the business intelligence insights. 

Next is speech recognition. It transcribes and transforms human speech into a format useful for computer application presently used is an interactive voice response system and mobile apps.

Next is a virtual agent it is a computer-generated animated artificial intelligence virtual character that serves as an online customer service representative it leads an intelligent conversation with the user's response to their question and performs adequate nonverbal behavior.

The next is machine learning. It provides algorithms API and training toolkits data as well as computing power to design train and deploy the models into the application processes and other machines.

The next is deep learning platform a particular type of machine learning consists of an artificial neural network with multiple abstraction layers it is currently used in the pattern recognition and classifications application supported by massive datasets.

The next AI-related technology is biometrics. It uses methods for unique recognition of human-based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits in computer science.

Particularly biometric is used as a form of identity access management and access control. It is also used to identify individuals in the group that is under the surveillance currently used in market research.

The next is robotic process automation using a script and other methods to automating one action to support efficient business processes it is currently used where it is inefficient for a human to execute a task.

The next technology is a text analytics and natural language processing NLP uses and support text analytics by facilitating.

Now let's see the applications of artificial intelligence first artificial intelligence in healthcare companies are applying machine learning to make better and faster diagnoses than humans. One of the best-known technologies is IBM's Watson.

It understands the natural language and can respond to the questions asked of it the system mines patient's data and other available data sources from hypotheses which are then present with a confidence score schema.

AI is a study that realizes to emulate human intelligence into computer technology that could assist both the doctor and the patients in various ways.

Such as by providing a laboratory for examination by devising a novel tool to support decision-making and research by integrating the activities in medical software and cognitive science by offering a Content-rich discipline for the future scientific medical communities.

Secondly, artificial intelligence in business robotic process automation is being applied to highly repetitive tasks usually performed by humans machine learning algorithms are being integrated into analytics and CRM that is customer relationship management.

Platform to uncover the information on how to serve customers better Chatbots have already been incorporated into websites, and e companies to provide immediate service to the customer's automation of job positions have also become a talking point among the academic and IT consultancies. 

The third is artificial intelligence in education; it automates Grading giving the educators more time; it can also access students and adapts to their needs helping them work at their own pace.

The fourth application is artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles, just like human self-driving cars need to have sensors to understand the world around them and the brain to collect the processes and choose the specific actions based on the information gathered.

Autonomous vehicles are with advanced tools to gather the information, including long-range radar cameras and LIDAR. Each of these technologies is used in different capacities. Each collects the different information the next application of AI is for robotics; it allows us to address.

The challenges in taking care of an aging population and allow much longer in between dependence it will drastically reduce maybe even bring down traffic accidents by days as well as enable the disaster response for the in danger situation.

For example, the nuclear meltdown and the Fukushima power plant the next is cyborg technology, one of the main limitations of being human.

It's only our bodies, and green researcher thinks that in the future, we will able to operate ourselves with computers and enhance many of our natural abilities in future predictive analytics.

Artificial intelligence could play an even more fundamental role in content creation. Also, in the software fields, open-source information and artificial intelligence collection will provide opportunities for global technological parity and the technology of synthetic yet become the future in all the domains of health environment public safety and security.

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July 05, 2020

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June 22, 2020

How To Start Learning Artificial Intelligence(AI) Programming

How To Start Learning Artificial Intelligence(AI) Programming 

How To Start Learning Artificial Intelligence(AI) Programming

Hello friends, This article is on how you can start learning AI. Maybe you are confused like where to start and what to learn, so here you will find easy and effective steps or start your career in artificial intelligence.

AI is trending these days, and people who know AI are in demand. There are lots of opportunities in various fields for so it's the right decision to start learning AI.

But learning AI is not so easy for this  I read many blogs and done lots of research to find best from the best so let's get started first let's go over what you should already know mathematics yes without maths there's no way you can build.

 AI, you should know the concept of automation and how it is related to computer science, and the last thing programming language and Python is recommended now, let's go through simple steps to learn AI. 

First thing first, you must know mathematics and basic math will not do the magic you should know graphs, trees, linear algebra, probability, calculus all that stuff.

The second thing is a data structure and how to interact with the machine. The third is writing algorithms and Fourth and final practice, and you will always find a way to learn if you want to learn yes.

AI is not simple to learn, but everyone is doing, and if they are doing, then what about your experts have released high-quality open-source software tools and libraries for this.

For learning AI, you should go for the purely reactive AI if you saw my video on artificial intelligence vs. machine learning vs. deep learning.

I haven't discussed much on AI because I was focused on machine learning.

So there are four types of AI-first is purely reactive. This one is the most basic form of AI. It covers only one area examples can be google's alpha, and IBM's Deep Blue next is limited memory AI. 

It can make proper decisions from the past information as the name suggests it has enough memory to execute appropriate actions. Examples can be self-driving vehicles, and chatbots third is the theory of mind.

These AI can understand thoughts and emotion which affects human behavior; you can say that it is human-like, but this AI is not ready. Yet, you can think of sonny from iRobot movie or C3PO from Star Wars the final and fourth AI itself-aware this type of AI is super intelligent, unlike purely reactive these AI know about all fields. 

They are aware of their internal states and can predict the feelings of others; however, Elon Musk thinks self over AI.

AI can be the extinction of personal example can be Synths or whatever you pronounce from TV series"Humans" or Eva from 2015 movie "Ex Machina."
There are four types of AI. 

It would help if you always started with easy one which is purely reactive so let's go oversteps again the first step learn maths first, or you can learn Python first whichever you want to go with first, 

The second step learns Python AI also involves programming languages like R and Java. Still, Python is recommended after learning Python. You should check out libraries like SciPy, PyBrain NumPy, etc. Will help build machine learning algorithms the fourth step to learn machine learning.


Sunday, 21 June 2020

June 21, 2020

AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

AI vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning | Machine Learning Training with Python

AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

Hello, everyone, This is Mohit and welcome to today's topic of discussion on AI vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning. 

These are the terms that confuse many people, and if you, too, are among them, let me resolve it for you.      

So let's move on and understand how exactly they differ from each other. So let's start with artificial intelligence. The term artificial intelligence was first coined in the year 1956. The concept is pretty old, but it has gained its popularity recently. But why well, the reason is earlier we had a minimal amount of data the data we had Was not enough to predict the accurate result. Still, a tremendous increase in the number of data statistics suggests that by 2020 the accumulated volume of data will increase from 4.

Now, we have more advanced algorithms and high-end computing power and storage that can deal with such large amounts of data as a result.

Just for your understanding of what does AI well, it's nothing but a technique that enables the MachineMachine to act like humans by replicating the behavior and nature with AI. 
The MachineMachine can learn from the experience. The machines are just responses based on new input, thereby performing human-like tasks. 

Artificial intelligence can be trained to accomplish specific tasks by processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in them. You can consider that building an artificial intelligence is like Building a Church, and the first church took generations to finish. 

So most of the workers were working in it never saw the outcome those working on it took pride in their craft building bricks and chiseling stone that was going to be placed into the magnificent structure. 

So as AI researchers, we should think of ourselves as humble brick makers whose job is to study how to build components example Parts is planners or learning algorithms accept anything that someday.

Someone and somewhere will integrate into the intelligent systems some of the examples of artificial intelligence from our day-to-day life.
Our Apple series is just playing computer Tesla self-driving cars, and many more these examples are based on deep learning and natural language processing.

Well, this was about what is and how it gains its hype—so moving on ahead. Let's discuss machine learning and see what it is and the white pros of an introduction. Well, Machine learning came into existence in the late 80sand the early 90s, but what were the issues with the people which made the machine learning come into existence? 

Let us discuss them one by one in the field of Statistics. 

The problem was how to efficiently train large complex models in computer science and artificial intelligence. The problem was how to prepare a more robust version of the AI system, while in the case of Neuroscience problem faced by the researchers was how to design the operation model of the brain. 

 Now this Machine learning shifted its focus from the symbolic approaches. 

It had inherited from the AI and move towards the methods and model. It had borrowed from statistics and probability theory. So let's proceed and see what exactly is machine learning. Well, Machine learning is a subset of AI which The computer to act and make data-driven decisions to carry out a specific task. 

These programs are algorithms that are designed in a way that they can learn and improve over time when exposed to new data. Let's see an example of machine learning. Let's say you want to create a system that tells the expected weight of a person based on its side. 

The first thing you do is collect the data. 

Let's see there is how your data looks like now. Each point on the graph represents one data point to start. We can draw a simple line to predict the weight based on height. For example, a simple line W equal x minus hundred where W is waiting for kgs and edges hide and centimeter this line can help us to make the prediction. 

Our main goal is to reduce the difference between the estimated value and the actual value. So to achieve it, we try to draw a straight line that fits all these different points and minimize the error. 

So our primary goal is to minimize the error and make them as small as possible, decreasing the error or the difference between the actual value and estimated value. I increase the performance of the model further on the more data points. We collect the better. 

Our model will become we can also improve our model by adding more variables and creating different production lines for them once the line is created. So from the next time we feed new data, for example, the height of a person to the model, it would easily predict the data for you, and it will tell you what has predicted weight could be. 

I hope you got a clear understanding of machine learning. I am so moving on ahead. 

Let's learn about deep learning. Now, what is deep learning? 

You can consider a deep learning model as a rocket engine, and its fuel its vast amount of data that we feed to these algorithms the concept of deep learning is not new. Still, recently it's hype as increase and deep learning are getting more attention. 

This field is a particular kind of machine learning that is inspired by the functionality of our brain cells called neurons, which led to the concept of artificial neural networks. 

It merely takes the data connection between all the artificial neurons and adjusts them according to the data pattern. More neurons are added at the size of the data is largest automatically features learning at multiple levels of abstraction. 

You are thereby allowing a system to learn complex function mapping without depending on any specific algorithm. You know, no one knows what happens inside a neural network and why it works so well, so currently, you can call it as a black box. Let us discuss some of the examples of deep learning and understand it in a better way. 

Let me start with a simple example and explain to you how things happen at a conceptual level. Let us try and understand how you recognize a square from other shapes. The first thing you do is check whether there are four lines associated with a figure or not a simple concept, right? 

If yes, we further check if they are connected and closed again for a few years. 

We finally check whether it is perpendicular, and all its sides are equal, correct if Fulfills. Yes, it is a square. It is nothing but a nested hierarchy of Concepts that we did here we took a complex task of identifying a square and this case and broken into more straightforward tasks. 

Now this deep learning also does the same thing, but at a larger scale, let's take an example of MachineMachine, which recognizes the animal. The task of the MachineMachine is to know whether the given image is of a cat or a dog. 

What if we were asked to resolve the same issue using the concept of MachineMachine learning what we would do first. 

We would Define the features such as check whether the animal has whiskers are not a check if the animal has pointed ears or not or whether its tail is straight or curved in short. 

We will Define the facial features and let the system identify which features are more critical in classifying a particular animal now; when it comes to deep learning takes this to one step ahead of deep learning.
Automatically, it finds out the function most important for classification compared to machine learning, where we Had to give out those features by now manually. 

I guess you have understood that AI is a more significant picture and machine learning and deep learning, or it's apart. So let's move on and focus our discussion on machine learning and deep learning the easiest way to understand the difference between the MachineMachine learning and deep learning is to know that deep learning is machine learning more explicitly. 

It is the next evolution of machine learning. 

Let's take a few critical parameters and compare Machine learning with deep learning. 

So starting with data dependencies, the most crucial difference between deep learning and machine learning is its performance as the volume of the data gets increased from the below graph. 

You can see that when the size of the data is a small deep learning algorithm doesn't perform that well, but why well?  

 Is because a deep learning algorithm needs a large amount of data to understand it correctly. On the other hand, the machine learning algorithm can efficiently work with smaller data set fine. 

Next comes the hardware dependencies deep learning. Are heavily dependent on high-end machines while the machine learning algorithm can work on low and devices as well.  

Because the requirement of deep learning algorithm includes GPUs, which is an integral part of its working, the Deep learning algorithm requires GPUs as they do a large amount of matrix multiplication operations. These operations can only be efficiently optimized using a GPU as it is built for this purpose. 

Only our third parameter will be feature engineering will feature engineering is a process of putting the domain knowledge to reduce the complexity of the data and make patterns more visible to learning algorithms. 

This process is difficult and expensive in terms of time and expertise in the case of machine learning. 

For example, the features can be a pixel value shaping texture position orientation or anything fine. The performance of most of the machine learning algorithms depends on how accurately the elements are identified and extracted. In contrast, in the case of deep learning algorithms, it tries to learn high-level features from the data. 

It is a distinctive part of deep learning, which makes it way ahead of traditional machine learning deep learning reduces the task of developing a new feature.

Extractor for every problem like in the case of CN n algorithm first tries to learn the low-level features of the image such as edges and lines. Then it proceeds to the parts of faces of people and then finally to the high-level representation of the face. 

I hope that things are getting more apparent to you. 

So let's move on ahead and see the next parameter. So our following setting problem-solving approach when we are solving a problem using traditional machine learning algorithms. It is generally recommended that we first breakdown the problem into different sub-parts, address them individually, and then finally combine them to get the desired result. 

 It is how the machine I learning algorithm handles.

On the other hand, the Deep learning algorithm solves the problem from end to end. Let's take an example to understand this suppose. You have a task of multiple object detection. 

And your task is to identify. 

What is the object, and where itis present in the image? 

So, let's see and compare. How will you tackle this issue using the concept of machine learning and deep learning, starting with machine learning in a typical machine learning approach? 

You would divide the problem into two steps first object detection and then object recognization. 

First of all, you would use a bounding box detection algorithm like grab cut, for example, to scan through the image and find out all the possible objects. 

Now, once the objects are recognized, you would use the object recognization algorithms like SVM with hog to identify relevant objects. 

Now, finally, when you combine the result, you would be able to identify. What is the object and where it is present in the image? On the other hand, in an in-depth learning approach, you would process the process from end to end, for example, in a euro net, a type of deep learning algorithm. 

You would pass an image, and it would give out the location along with the name of the object. Now, let's move on to our fifth comparison parameter, its execution time.
Usually, a deep learning algorithm takes a long time to train because there's so many parameter ina deep learning algorithm that makes the training longer than usual the training might even last for two weeks or more than that. 

If you are training entirely from scratch, whereas in the case of machine learning, it relatively takes much less time to prepare, ranging from a few weeks to few Arts. 

Now, the execution time is completely reversed when it comes to the testing of data during testing the Deep learning algorithm takes much less time to run. 

Whereas if you compare it with a KNN algorithm, which is a type of machine learning algorithm, the test time increases as the size of the data increase last but not the least.

We have interpretability as a factor for comparison of machine learning, and Running this fact is the main reason why deep learning is still thought ten times before anyone uses it in the industry. 

Let's take an example, suppose. 

We use deep learning to give automated scoring two essays the performance it provides, and scoring is quite excellent and is near to the human achievement, but there's an issue with it. 

It does not reveal white has given that score indeed mathematically. It is possible to find out which node of a deep neural network was activated, but we don't know what the neurons are supposed to model and what these layers of neuron we're doing collectively. 

So if able to interpret the result, on the other hand, a machine learning algorithm, like a decision tree, gives USA crisp rule for void chose and watered chose. 

So it is particularly easy to interpret the reasoning behind; therefore, the algorithms like a decision tree and linear or logistic regression are primarily used in the industry for interpretability before we end this session. 

Let me summarize things for you. Machine learning uses algorithms to parse the data to learn from the data and make an informed decision based on what it has learned fine.

Now this deep learning structure algorithms in layers to create an artificial neural network that can learn and make Intelligent Decisions.

On their own finally, deep learning is a subfield of machine learning. At the same time, both fall under the broad category of artificial intelligence. Deep learning is behind the most human-like artificial intelligence. 

Saturday, 20 June 2020

June 20, 2020

The Best Wireless Earphones at Every Price Point

The Best Wireless Earphones at Every Price Point

The Best Wireless Earphones at Every Price Point

Hey guys, this is Mohit here from Headphone Zone. Today, We thought with you talking specifically about wireless earphones.   

The convenience of using a wireless product today is quite unbelievable. It allows you to carry your music with you everywhere in the gym on the go. Now, I find wireless your phone sound probably just as useful as the wild counterparts.   

Still, there are many wireless earphones we have earphones that are quite inexpensive and budget-friendly, all the way up to your downright expensive headsets. 

1. Explore Jays - a-Six Wireless:

To start with, we're going to talk about the best wireless earphones under 2,000. 

Now, I'm not a big fan of entry-level Wireless earphones. I think it's an utter waste of your money, and I believe that you're better off not buying anything at all than wasting your money buying a crappy piece of earphones. 

But, the only exception I would make is for the Witworks Blink Buds. Witworks based out of Banglore has designed the Blink Buds to be a probably a very impressive entry-level Bluetooth earphones. 

2. RHA MA650 Wireless:

At Rs.3000, you start getting a lot more options, and my top pick for the best wireless earphones under Rs3000 is the 1More IB Free their entry-level wireless earphones. So, the earphones are metallic in their color, which gives it a beautiful premium look at the same time, the big differentiator is the fact that it comes along with Qualcomm's aptX technology. 

So you're assured that when you're using aptX, you're listening to the music the way its meant to be heard at the highest possible resolutions, that's something that I think is well worth the extra Rs1000. For those reasons, the 1More IB Free is my top pick for the best wireless earphones under Rs3000. 

3. Beats by Dr. Dre - Beats X:

The Best Wireless earphones at Rs4000 bucks, and here you start going mainstream; we've got Jabra, the Danish company known worldwide for its communication products.

Their entry-level stereo earphone is the Jabra Elite 25E. Its again, an excellent wireless headset made from plastic nothing very premium about it, charge it once, use it through the day. 

That's what the Elite 25E promises the sound quality is average you'll find at the same time its made out of plastic, so it's not very premium looking, comfort is not much of an issue here. Still, just for the battery life alone, I would say at Rs4000 bucks, the Jabra Elite 25E should be your top pick. 

4. RHA MA750 Wireless:

Okay, now let's get to Rs5000 bucks. Here's where things get interesting because now you have some premium audio brands that become available, and they've got some very compelling products. My top pick is from the German audio manufacturer Beyerdynamic. 
The Beyerdynamic Byron BT is the Bluetooth version of their entry-level earphones Byron, and they sound just like the Byron with the convenience of Bluetooth now added. 

The Byron BT comes in a beautiful aircraft-grade aluminum body, making it reasonably durable. Still, the sound signature of the Byron is unique that it's flat. So if you're a person who enjoys a lot of thumping bass or wants a sweet, sharp treble to keep you motivated while you're working out, the Byron's probably not the right earphone for you. Still, you'll find if you're a person who's a discerning music listener who can tell the highs from the mids, then the Byron is most likely to impress you with its sound signature. 

For the additional Rs1000, don't forget that Beyerdynamic also offers you 2 Year warranty, so you're more likely to save some money in the long run if you consider the fact that most wireless earphones do not last very long. 

Okay, the best wireless earphones under Rs6000 now we get into some dangerous territory. 

I would say that compared to most audiophile earphones, these have a lot more bass, which makes it very enjoyable, especially if you're going to be using your headsets to workout. 

They're made entirely of aluminum, and they're sturdy. Have come with a 1 Year warranty, but what's most outstanding is that they come with a 12-hour battery life, which means that you can use it several times on the go without needing to worry about the battery dying on you. 

Step up the budget again by Rs1000.

5. V-MODA - Forza Metallo Wireless:

The best wireless earphone under Rs7000 has a very unconventional choice in here. I'm going to stick my neck out and recommend the Eoz One to you. Roz is a tiny startup from Spain, and they became famous for a Kickstarter campaign talking about this very product, the Eoz One. Its a couple of years old and is a beautiful looking wireless earphone. 

Its made entirely of premium materials like aluminum and vegan leather. What's unique about the Eoz One is that apart from the good looks, Roz is taking a very unconventional approach to the earphone design. The earphones come with an over-ear plan, and they pack in all the electronics into the earbuds themselves, making it bulky. Still, the wire connecting the two earbuds is minimalistic, with nothing on it at all. 

So in terms of comfort, it's very comfortable if the Eoz One fits your ears. If you're somebody with small ears, there's a good chance that they won't meet in, but the earphones themselves sound great to come with a 1 Year warranty and a reasonably good battery life. 

6. RHA MA650 wireless:

The best wireless earphones under Rs8000 RHA MA650 wireless. For those of you not familiar, RHA is a super premium audio brand from Glasgow, Scotland, and they are known around the world for making some outstanding sounding earphones that are built with super-premium materials like stainless steel and aluminum. 

They're very durable, which is why RHA offers a 3 Year warranty on all its products, including the RHA MA650 Wireless. 

You're not going to get any wireless earphone that comes close to the MA650 Wireless In terms of durability, and they assure you that you will last for three years, so that's an easy decision to make.

In terms of sound excellent, valid to life sound, punchy bass, clean sound signature allowing you to hear all the details in the music, While you use it on the go. 

The RHA MA650 Wireless is also the first earphone on our list, which is Hi-res certified by the Japanese audio society, so that's pretty impressive slightly more expensive, But we've got another alternative here. 

The Beats by Dre-Beats X, now these earphones are of course are very famous around the world, They're very popular, and the Beats by Dre brand name does all the heavy lifting for these earphones. 

Still, Apple designs the BeatsX to work very well and seamlessly with the iPhone, which is why you find that not only the earphones sound great when using only the iPhone but also straightforward to pair.

 You have to bring these earphones near the iPhone with the Bluetooth turned on. 

The Apple W1 chip kicks in if you're die-hard iPhone user, and you want to save yourself a couple of extra seconds while pairing these earphones for the very first time the BeatsX is going to make you excited, The BeatsX is excellent for bass heads. 

Here's something fresh from Apple the BeatsX also comes with fast fuels. 

So, it allows you to charge these earphones in just 5 mins using your lightning connector and gives you nearly2 hours of playtime. 

Just in case you forgot to charge your earphones before you hit the gym, there was no problem. 

7. MA750 wireless:

Okay, for a budget of under Rs12,000, we come back to another wireless earphone from RHA now the MA750 wireless. The flagship earphone from the Scottish brand is easily the best sounding earphones that you can get your hands on, which offers you the convenience of being wireless. 

The MA750 Wireless is very similar to the MA650 wireless; it comes with stainless steel built. It comes with a three-year warranty and outstanding 12 hours battery life, but the notable difference is that this comes with the beautiful handmade driver that opens up the earphones' sound. 

Now for the next earphone on a list, We're going to take a quick detour, and that's because I want to talk to you about the German brand Bragi and their latest offering.

The Headphone is a truly wireless earphone, which is why at this price point, it's very unusual that I'm going to prioritize convenience over sound quality, but that's really what Bragi's.

The Headphone is about; It's a genuinely wireless product with two earbuds just left and right and nothing connecting the two.

So, it's a bit like the James bond style experience, where nobody can see you and tell you that you have your earphones.

The Headphone sounds nice.  I would say just for the fact that a genuinely wireless product should be on this list. It's going to be my top recommendation for the best earphones under Rs13,000. 

8. V-MODA Forza Metallo wireless:

I am excited by the best wireless earphones under Rs15,000, And now I am excited to talk to you about the V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless.
V-MODA is known worldwide for making some fantastic headphones that are very popular with the top Dj's around the world.

It's the kind sound signature that you will like if you want a lot of bass in your music and you want to be pumped up while working out V-MODA takes that sound and applies it to your ideal pocket size convenient wireless earphone that is meant to be used in the gym. 

The Forza Metallo Wireless is easily the best sounding and the best-looking earphones on our list here. I would say that they built like a tank, and it's an earphone that has durability, looks, and style.

V-MODA has pushed the boundaries with these earphones, which is why they're our top pick for the best wireless earphones under Rs15,000. 

Now we come to an exceptional segment: What are the best wireless earphones price at any budget? 
Is where I'd say that the Bragi Dash Pro is at the epitome of what wireless earphone technology. 

You can swipe up and down on the earbuds themselves, changing tracks and going through files and folders. You find that it's built-in an entire operating system around these earphones called Bragi OS comes with tons of activities, sensors, and trackers that measure all your movements As you're cycling, running, or swimming. 

Yes, you heard that right it comes with an IPX7 rating, so the earphones are entirely waterproof. Simultaneously, these earphones come with 4GB internal memory, so you don't even need a smartphone to pair it. 

You will find that the number of features that Bragi has packed into these earphones is ever-growing with every update that Bragi launches over the cloud. I'd say as an earphone this is simply the best wireless earphones ever.