Saturday, 14 March 2020

March 14, 2020

Best Android Application for Affiliate marketing

Best Android Application for Affiliate marketing 

Best Android Application for Affiliate marketing

Hello, friends today I Mohit give you a fascinating and useful application for all in one affiliate marketing.

By this application, you can do a part-time job by selling products with your friends or relatives.

This application is excellent for the students who want to earn as part-time 20 to 30 thousand every month.

But to earn that amount of money you need to work hard.

In this application, you can earn up to 100 rupees per sale of Products.

And the minimum withdrawal of this application is very low. That's you need only 10 rupees to transfer your money into your bank account.

The name of this application is to Earn Karo.

Let's us discuss setup by step how to make earning from this Affiliate application:-

Step 1.
After installing the application from Playstore, you need to signup on this application.

After installing the application, you need to signup on this application by giving you some details like your name, email, phone number, and click on get OTP.

By adding OTP, you can successfully register on this application.

Step 2.
Now you can see many products on which you can get 100 to 200 rupees per sale of Product.

Now you can share these products with your friends or with your relatives.

You can also share these products on your Instagram account if you have lots of followers.

Step 3.
Below the button, you can convert any product link from other websites into your Affiliate Link to get a commission from that Product also.

After clicking on the profit link, you can get your Affiliate Link of the Product that you want to share with your friends.

In this way, you can earn lots of money if you work hard, as more sales you do more you can receive from that application.

March 14, 2020

Earn passive money online by selling E-books

How to Earn money online by selling E-books

Earn passive money online by selling E-books

So hello, guys today I Mohit and tell you an exciting and, easy way to earn passive money online.

Passive money means you have to works only once and get income daily without doing anything.

As you can read in the title that you have to earn by selling Ebooks and you also thought that you have to write your own Ebook, but the answer is that you have done nothing.

You do not need to make any front cover or write an Ebook. Only you have to sell your Ebook by uploading it in the different online platforms then how you can do it lets start.

As you all see in the Amazon Kindle, there are lots of ebook sellers that can sell their Ebook in 3 to 15 dollars. And the sales of there Ebook is in thousands.

By the high amount, you can get the idea that there is very potential in this source of earning.

The platform for selling Ebooks:-

In this source of earning as more you can upload your Ebook more sales, you can get and more making you have from these platforms.

1. Amazon Kindle
The first platform for selling your Ebook is amazon Kindle where you have to make an amazon Kindle seller account to upload your Ebooks and get more sales.

2. eBay
This is the second platform where you can upload your Ebooks to earn lots of passive income.

3. E Junkie 
This is also a common platform for selling and buying Ebooks.

In this platform, you have to pay 10 bucks per month to sell your ebooks.

If you have not to invest 10 bucks, then you can use eBay or amazon Kindle for Ebooks selling.

But if you have to maximize your sales, you can invest 10 bucks per month on E Junkie.

A platform for making Ebook 

There are two popular websites where you can make your ebooks, slips book or video transcription.

The first platform for creating ebooks slips book, or video transcription is where you can get a video tutorial by which you can make your own Ebook only in 2 minutes.

For that, you have only to choose your template of Ebook and upload the contents from your pc or from this site by selecting your ebook topic to make your Ebook very quickly.

But on this platform, you have to make your Ebook by paying some amount of money according to per ebooks, but output after selling the ebooks is outstanding.

In this platform, you have to pay 27 bucks to get the lifetime license of creating ebooks.

This is also a top-rated platform where you can make your Ebook with absolutely free.

There are so many paid ebooks, but this source also has many free ebooks.

So by these platforms, you can earn lots of passive income by publishing ebooks there.

3. FreeLancer 
The third way of creating ebooks you can use the freelancer platform for making ebooks where you can find many peoples who can give their services for making ebooks by paying some amount of money to them.

By these platforms and making lots of ebooks and publish it on different ebooks platform to gain more and more passive income.

Friday, 13 March 2020

March 13, 2020

How to use Android smartphone as PC

How to use Android smartphone as PC Windows 10

How to use Android smartphone as PC Windows 10

Hello, friends today I Mohit give you a fascinating trick that how you can change your Android phone as windows 10 PC.

So this is a fascinating trick for you who not have PC or want to work on PC interface with your Android phone.

For this trick, you have to do nothing only you have to download a windows 10 launcher from Playstore. I can explain to you how to do this; let's get started.

Step 1. 
You have to download an application from play store whose name is Computer Launcher for Windows 10 desktop Launcher.

Step 2.
After installing this application, you have to change your default Launcher to windows 10 Launcher to access your mobile phone as PC Windows 10.

Step 3.
After setting up your default Launcher as Windows 10 application, you can get the interface of Windows 10.

Then you have many options to set up the home screen of your mobile phone as a desktop screen and arrange the application of your mobile phone as you wish.

So, in this way only in 2 steps, you can convert your mobile interface into Windows 10 interface.

By this interface of PC, you can connect mouse and keyboard with your mobile by using OTG vale and get access to all the features that you use in your PC.

This is the easy but amazing trick of changing your mobile phone and get lots of benefits from your Android mobile.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

March 12, 2020

4 best video editing application for mobile phone

4 best video editing application for mobile phone 

4 best video editing application in mobile phone

Hello, friends today I Mohit give you essential things that every YouTubers needed before uploading any video clip on YouTube that is video editing.

But it is challenging for beginners YouTubers to do professional video editing with PC because they don't have enough money or knowledge to buy a new PC and start video editing.

So, today I can give you 5 professional video editing application which every YouTubers can use in its mobile phone.

There are so many video editing application in the play store but which is the best of professional video editing.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush- a video editor
This is a very professional and popular video editing application for video editing.

All the beginning YouTubers can use this application to do professional video editing easily with this application and start their youtube channel.

In this application, you can edit voice over clips, video on video clips and many more features.

But one limitation of this application is that it required premium after 3 exporting of video.

2. Align Motion — Video and Animation 
This is also very famous and easy to use in this video editing application we can use many of features that we can use in a PC video e software.

By this application, we can get the fell of a professional video editing experience like in PC.

In this application, we can make layers to latest of editing, we can also edit chroma background video editing.

In chroma essential video editing, we can change the background of our video easily with this effect professionally.

In this application, we can edit up to perfect 4k videos.

But one of the limitations of this application it is paid, and the plan of this application is tiny that 30 rupees per month.

3. Kinemaster- video editing 
This is top-rated video editing software among Indian YouTubers, this software is absolutely free, and we can edit professional video with it.

This application contains most of the features that a premium video editing application provides.

So, if you are beginners, you can go with kine master.

4. Powerdirector- video editing
This application is similar to that of kine master for video editing.

In this application, we can get all the necessary features that a beginner YouTubers needed.

But this application is a little bit difficult for editing than kine master.

March 12, 2020

6 Ways to Earn Online from Mobile Phone| 6th is Shocking

6 Ways to Earn Online from Mobile Phone in 2020

6 Ways to Earn Online from Mobile Phone

Hello, friends today I Mohit tell you fascinating and valuable tips that how you all can earn money online from your mobile phone in 2020.

So, if you are interested in this article, then read this article carefully and till the end so that you can't miss any critical way of earning online.

1. Affiliate Marketing

So, guys the first method of online Earning with your mobile phone is Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing is a very famous and excellent source of earning online. It's a straightforward and fast way of making only between a limited Audience.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing online way of earning in this earning source is between the seller advertiser and buyer of any product.

Let's know more about Affiliate Marketing with an example:

Suppose a shoe company have an affiliate program then a person or a digital marketer has a vast audience then a digital marketer can make the sale of shoe company by giving her affiliate link to its Audience. One of her visiter buys that shoes from her affiliate link.

Then the digital marketer or any person that has an Affiliate link of shoe company get some commission of the product that he will sale.

The commission of the product can 1 to 50 per cent in some cases related to the product or company.

With the Affiliate Link, the buyer can't charge extra for that product.

There are so many Affiliate networks all the shopping websites and all the Service providing website have Affiliate network that you can join according to your niche, or that is related to your Audience.

How to get more sales with Affiliate marketing :

The one importance of Affiliate marketing that it can be done in limited Audience.

If you have a website, you can do Affiliate marketing.

You can do Affiliate marketing on your Instagram Page if your Followers have trust in you.

You can do Affiliate marketing on your YouTube channel.

And many more platform where you have an audience who can buy and interest in that product.

2. Selling a Product or Services Online

If you have your Products like mugs, T-shirt or any other items related to your Audience you can sell it online by making your own E-COMMERCE website.

If you do not have any product to sell, then you can take that product with affiliate link from other companies and sell it online in your Audience.

If you are not interested in selling products, then you can sell your services related to your interest.

Suppose you are expert in video editing, Photoshop, web designing then you can give all these services related to your niche online a charge for that work.

To sell all these types of Products or Services Online you can make your own website or run online Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube which have lots of Audiences so that you can get some orders for your work.

3. FreeLancing 

This is also a compelling way to earn online.

In this way, if you have any knowledge related to Photoshop, video editing, web designing, then you can sell your services.

There are so many websites on which you can sell your knowledge or Service like you can make a thumbnail, logo of that company to get 5 dollars, 6 dollars or more as your work.

There are many FreeLancing websites like fiver, freelancer and many more you can check out all those, and here you can build a high profile of yourself and get more and more services online.

4. Social Media Marketing

This is also a compelling way of earning in this digital world.

As we all know that most of our population have active on social media and social media is a great platform where you can earn lots of money.

If you have an audience in your YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram Page and many more social media platform, then you can earn lots of money from those pages or groups.

Ways to earn from Social Media

There are lots of ways that you can earn from Social Media platform if you have a great audience platform on social media then you can sell your products, services, and also make from your affiliate links.
You can get lots of sponsorship from many companies .

In this you can't need more Audience you can earn a limited amount of Audience which can give you a high conversion.

5. Blogging

Blogging is the most popular and exciting way of earning from blogging; you can make in many ways.

You can write on any topic that is related to your niche, and from that, you can earn from Google Adsense,  Sponsorship, Affiliate marketing and many more.

You can easily make your website or blog on blogger that is a free platform by Google, or you can use WordPress where you can need web hosting to start your blogging journey.

6. YouTube

The 6th and the last day of earn online is YouTube.

As we all know that YouTube is the second most search engine after Google so we can't ignore that platform here have lots of Audiences.

You can earn from YouTube by creating your YouTube channel and build the trust of Audience and gets lots of money from Google Adsense, Sponsorship and you can also get cash by selling your own services with your Audience like your mugs, T-shirt, course etc.

YouTube is an excellent platform for building trust by making videos and interact with your Audience.

So, that all the 6 ways that how you can make money online with your mobile in these platforms, you make an audience network who can test on you and give you a profit by giving them proper and complete knowledge about your niche.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

March 11, 2020

3 best ways to find blog post topics

   3 best ways to find blog post topics

3 best ways to find blog post topics

Hello, friends today I Mohit solve the main problem of every blogger that how they can find the new ideas and topics for their blog post.

Every new and old blogger needs to find fresh new topics to increase their blog post if they increase their blog post the traffic increase, more is the traffic more will be the earning of that blog.


Quora is the best platform for every blogger, in quora, there are lots of blogs topic and lots of questions.

Quora is the gold mine of traffic, new bloggers can use quora as the primary source of traffic by answering the questions of the asked questions, and below it, they can leave the link of their post related to that question.

Suppose if the question is on SEO you know the answer to that question, but you don't have the blog post on that then from that you can easily find the blog post topic that is SEO.

From Quora you can find the topic SEO, then you can write an article on that and leave the link of your article after your answer on Quora from that you also get the initial traffic for your blog post.

But one thing that is kept in your mind that not do scam in Quora otherwise your Quora account banned. You not past only links you have to write the answer genuinely and then paste the ring of your blog post.

So, that your answer not deleted by Quora.

Therefore Quora is a great platform to get blog post topic and also the traffic.

2. Answer the Public 

This is also a great platform like quora from this website, you find lots of questions related to your main keyword in the form of what, when, why, how.

From this website you can find lots of new topics that are the questions of other people.

And with those topics, you can choose your blog post topic related to the niche of your site.

In this website, you have only added your
main keyword, and you can get lots of questions related to that keyword. 

In this way, you can find lots of questions, and you can take that question as your blog post topic.

3. YouTube

YouTube is the second search engine after Google so can't ignore it. YouTube contains lots of audience and publisher who can publish lots of video in different categories.

So, you have only to subscribe to a lot of channels related to the niche of your website, and from that youtube channels, you can find lots of videos.

By the use of YouTube videos, you can find the new topic that you can use as your blog post.

For example, a blogging related channel post a video related to SEO, then you got an idea from that video about your blog post topic, and you can write articles on that video.

While the article gives you a platform where you can find lots of questions of people's related to your blog niche, you can take that question as your blog post topic.