Sunday 2 January 2022

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Free Fire Diamond Coupons

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is renowned for earning diamonds in exchange for fire max free. A large number of FF users are already using it to use it as an no-cost firemax diamond generator. The app was developed in partnership with Google LLC and has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play store. By using this application, you can create gratis firemax diamonds taking surveys and other tasks that are in-app.

Instructions for using this app to get the free diamonds from FireMax:

  • Get your Google Opinion Reward application from the Google Play Store.
  • Join using your Gmail ID, then provide your basic details.
  • On the home page of the app you’ll see a range of surveys. You must take them to earn points in the app.
  • Then, open the free game called Fire Max and click at the diamonds symbol and then select a diamonds pack.
  • Select the payment method you prefer as Google balance. Then, you can buy diamonds by utilizing the points earned within the Google opinion reward application.

2. Rooter

If you’re looking to earn the free amount of diamondsin your fire max free account, Rooter is another useful application for fire max free users. The concept of this app is mostly inspired by Gaming & Esports. With this app you can play your most played games, including Free Fire, Free Fire Max, BGMI and a variety of other Battle Royale-themed games. You can also take part in various Esports tournaments and matches to win diamonds free to your free fire max account.

3. Zgamer: Fire Max Diamond Generator App

The zGamer app is the 3rd gratis fire max diamonds application that we have listed. This application is only available to users of the free version but not for the regular version’s users. With this app you can win diamonds for fire max without cost by completing different in-app tasks. When you’ve reached the minimum of 100 coins within the ZGamer app, you will be able to quickly redeem them using free fire max diamonds as well as Google Play gift cards.

The first step is to install your Zgamer Free Fire Max diamonds generator application by clicking here then create a new account with the mobile phone number. Create your own username and password and then log in with these information. On the main screen of the app you’ll see a variety of choices to create diamonds for free, pick one and you’re in a position to create diamonds that are free for your free account on fire max..

4. MGamer – Free Fire Max Diamond Generator

The mGamer app is a useful app to generate gratis firemax diamonds. With this app, you can earn the diamonds for free through doing surveys, tasks and that it. There are many additional features within this app that you can utilize to earn additional free fire max diamonds including playing games like Lucky Jackpot, luck draw and even watching videos.

After downloading the mGamer application then open it and log into the app using the details of your Facebook account or Google account. There will be promotions as well as other free fire max diamonds generation options. Click on them, then select any of the active options and you’ll be in a position to earn FREE firemax diamonds. Once you have earned diamonds from fire max for free, select”Redeem”, then click on the “Redeem” section and then transfer the diamonds to your free account by choosing one of the top-up packages.

5. Max Diamond App

Max Diamond app is the best application to obtain free diamonds on free fire max, along with bundles and skins for free. It is also compatible with other versions of Free Fire including Garena Free fire and Free Fire Advanced Server. You can receive 5900 diamonds to your account for free by using this application.

How to generate diamonds for free by using the Max Diamond app:

  • Install and download and install the Max Diamond app from here.
  • Log in with your fire account for free.
  • You can now complete the missions available and FF max test to earn gold coins within the app.
  • Additionally, you can take part on the Wheel of Fortune, gold spin, or scratch card events to earn additional coins in-app.
  • Then, you can click next, click on the “Withdraw” button that is available on the main page of the app.
  • Select the amount of diamonds you would like After that, you can make use of those gold coins to cash out diamonds for free in the fire maximum.

You can earn as much as 300 diamonds per day when you follow the steps mentioned above. Max Diamond app is one of the top Diamonds from FireMax that are free generators. Numerous professional players of the fire max account have already used it to generate diamonds within their free account on fire max. You can also make use of the free accounts of fire max to give unlimited diamonds to your primary account. Here are the specifics of the free Fire Max ID and Passwords.

Free Fire Max Diamonds from Hack Generator

If you are looking to obtain unlimited diamonds free of charge in free fire max or you are looking for the gratis firemax generator for hacking diamonds and hack diamonds, we would like to be aware that you are not able to hack diamonds with the free version of firemax. This is because the maximum version of fire free has more security than standard and it is in fact impossible to hack diamonds inside the max version. Additionally, we don’t recommend making use of an Diamonds from fire that are free to hacker as it’s not safe and could result in the permanent suspension of your free account with fire max.

You can however utilize the tools that are mentioned within this post to hack fire max diamonds for free securely. The apps listed within this post are safe and secure, and comply with the guidelines that are set by Garena the free FireMax. Additionally, all of the apps listed are available through the Google Play Store that makes them reliable. Additionally you can also obtain the in-game items directly from fire max at no cost with the help of the free Fire Max skin maker.

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