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Whole Brain Emulation (Artificial Intelligence)

Whole Brain Emulation (Artificial Intelligence)
Whole Brain Emulation (Artificial Intelligence)

Now let me introduce you to


In the Whole Brain Emulation, which is also known as "uploading," An intelligent software would be produced via scanning and by jointly modeling the computational structure of our biological brain.

I think you've understood what I meant by that good definition. It's a processor you can say that an Algorithmic procedure with which we will produce intelligent software.

The software will help us to understand the most essential parts of the brain. In a straightforward manner and by which we will be able to develop an intelligent machine that could do work like a human being does.

We will be able to develop that software by scanning and carefully modeling—the computational structure of a biological brain.

By computational structure, you must understand that it is the structure that is needed in the computer in a 3D structural format with a high definition view.


The whole brain emulation can be achieved when the following steps will be successfully accomplished.

Firstly, a fully/sufficiently detailed scan of a human being is created.

Including the brain post-mortem through: 

Vitrification – It is a process that turns tissues into a kind of glass. That glass will be fed into a machine for scanning, which will be done by an array of electron microscopes. And many other devices will work simultaneously to process the step.

Secondly, the data that is prepared before is now used in a computer for image processing to develop a three – dimensional neuronal.

A network that applies cognition in the original brain.

The result is bound with a library of neurocomputational models of distinct neurons or neuronal elements.

In the third one, the neurocomputational structure resulting from the previous step is then applied to a highly powerful computer.

If the whole process is entirely successful, the output would be Digital reproduction of the original masterpiece, with Memory and personality.

The produced human mind is now existing as the software on the powerful computer.

Now here arises a question that. What requires Whole Brain Emulation to Succeed?

Actually, it does not require what we think about How human cognition works? 

Or a big one, how to program an artificial intelligence?

It only requires to understand the low-level function characteristics of the essential elements of the brain in computers.

The WBE doesn't need any fundamental conceptual or theoretical breakthrough to succeed.

Whole brain emulation, however, also requires highly or much advanced enabling technologies.

This requires critical pre-requisites:

1. Scanning: It includes detection of the properties, microscopy with high- throughput also with sufficient resolution.

2. Translation: It includes automated image analysis, which turns the raw scanned data into the interpreted model, which is a 3D model with relevant elements that are neurocomputational.

3. Simulation: It requires highly powerful hardware to implement our imaginary computational structures.
It is required to think that the technologies that we are talking about are attainable shortly, though it is not.

Now, a question arises in mind that;

On which thing WBE relies more on upon?
In a single line or talking in general, the WBE relies more on the technology, less on theoretical insight then artificial intelligence.

Aim of WBE:

The Aim of WBE is to gain enough of the computer-related properties of the human brain, to perform better intellectual work by enabling the resultant emulation.

Keeping this purpose in mind, the messy biological details of the brain, leaving some of the basics is irrelevant.

Now, if we think that after doing all of this brain-related work.

What will we achieve after doing a lot of work?

If we went down the above path, then the first WBE that we will achieve will be of a lower grade.

We all know in the start things go imperfectly, but after a time, it goes perfect in work with a bit of patience.

A weird (different) thing is also possible while moving into this emulation technology would lead to

AI will adapt our made neurocomputational principles that are discovered during the emulation efforts and intermix them with the artificial methods, which will happen before the accomplishment of a wholly functional WBE.

Will WBE succeed in the future?

Though, now you are familiar with a little data related to WBE. So now a question must arise that,

Will WBE be able to succeed currently?

Till now, the answer is No.
This will not succeed shortly (approx 7 to 8 years) due to the scarcity of the technologies required that have not been developed yet. Just because of the techniques, it is quite tricky to achieve WBE in the future.

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