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The Best Wireless Earphones at Every Price Point

The Best Wireless Earphones at Every Price Point

Hey guys, this is Mohit here from Headphone Zone. Today, We thought with you talking specifically about wireless earphones.   

The convenience of using a wireless product today is quite unbelievable. It allows you to carry your music with you everywhere in the gym on the go. Now, I find wireless your phone sound probably just as useful as the wild counterparts.   

Still, there are many wireless earphones we have earphones that are quite inexpensive and budget-friendly, all the way up to your downright expensive headsets. 

1. Explore Jays - a-Six Wireless:

To start with, we're going to talk about the best wireless earphones under 2,000. 

Now, I'm not a big fan of entry-level Wireless earphones. I think it's an utter waste of your money, and I believe that you're better off not buying anything at all than wasting your money buying a crappy piece of earphones. 

But, the only exception I would make is for the Witworks Blink Buds. Witworks based out of Banglore has designed the Blink Buds to be a probably a very impressive entry-level Bluetooth earphones. 

2. RHA MA650 Wireless:

At Rs.3000, you start getting a lot more options, and my top pick for the best wireless earphones under Rs3000 is the 1More IB Free their entry-level wireless earphones. So, the earphones are metallic in their color, which gives it a beautiful premium look at the same time, the big differentiator is the fact that it comes along with Qualcomm's aptX technology. 

So you're assured that when you're using aptX, you're listening to the music the way its meant to be heard at the highest possible resolutions, that's something that I think is well worth the extra Rs1000. For those reasons, the 1More IB Free is my top pick for the best wireless earphones under Rs3000. 

3. Beats by Dr. Dre - Beats X:

The Best Wireless earphones at Rs4000 bucks, and here you start going mainstream; we've got Jabra, the Danish company known worldwide for its communication products.

Their entry-level stereo earphone is the Jabra Elite 25E. Its again, an excellent wireless headset made from plastic nothing very premium about it, charge it once, use it through the day. 

That's what the Elite 25E promises the sound quality is average you'll find at the same time its made out of plastic, so it's not very premium looking, comfort is not much of an issue here. Still, just for the battery life alone, I would say at Rs4000 bucks, the Jabra Elite 25E should be your top pick. 

4. RHA MA750 Wireless:

Okay, now let's get to Rs5000 bucks. Here's where things get interesting because now you have some premium audio brands that become available, and they've got some very compelling products. My top pick is from the German audio manufacturer Beyerdynamic. 
The Beyerdynamic Byron BT is the Bluetooth version of their entry-level earphones Byron, and they sound just like the Byron with the convenience of Bluetooth now added. 

The Byron BT comes in a beautiful aircraft-grade aluminum body, making it reasonably durable. Still, the sound signature of the Byron is unique that it's flat. So if you're a person who enjoys a lot of thumping bass or wants a sweet, sharp treble to keep you motivated while you're working out, the Byron's probably not the right earphone for you. Still, you'll find if you're a person who's a discerning music listener who can tell the highs from the mids, then the Byron is most likely to impress you with its sound signature. 

For the additional Rs1000, don't forget that Beyerdynamic also offers you 2 Year warranty, so you're more likely to save some money in the long run if you consider the fact that most wireless earphones do not last very long. 

Okay, the best wireless earphones under Rs6000 now we get into some dangerous territory. 

I would say that compared to most audiophile earphones, these have a lot more bass, which makes it very enjoyable, especially if you're going to be using your headsets to workout. 

They're made entirely of aluminum, and they're sturdy. Have come with a 1 Year warranty, but what's most outstanding is that they come with a 12-hour battery life, which means that you can use it several times on the go without needing to worry about the battery dying on you. 

Step up the budget again by Rs1000.

5. V-MODA - Forza Metallo Wireless:

The best wireless earphone under Rs7000 has a very unconventional choice in here. I'm going to stick my neck out and recommend the Eoz One to you. Roz is a tiny startup from Spain, and they became famous for a Kickstarter campaign talking about this very product, the Eoz One. Its a couple of years old and is a beautiful looking wireless earphone. 

Its made entirely of premium materials like aluminum and vegan leather. What's unique about the Eoz One is that apart from the good looks, Roz is taking a very unconventional approach to the earphone design. The earphones come with an over-ear plan, and they pack in all the electronics into the earbuds themselves, making it bulky. Still, the wire connecting the two earbuds is minimalistic, with nothing on it at all. 

So in terms of comfort, it's very comfortable if the Eoz One fits your ears. If you're somebody with small ears, there's a good chance that they won't meet in, but the earphones themselves sound great to come with a 1 Year warranty and a reasonably good battery life. 

6. RHA MA650 wireless:

The best wireless earphones under Rs8000 RHA MA650 wireless. For those of you not familiar, RHA is a super premium audio brand from Glasgow, Scotland, and they are known around the world for making some outstanding sounding earphones that are built with super-premium materials like stainless steel and aluminum. 

They're very durable, which is why RHA offers a 3 Year warranty on all its products, including the RHA MA650 Wireless. 

You're not going to get any wireless earphone that comes close to the MA650 Wireless In terms of durability, and they assure you that you will last for three years, so that's an easy decision to make.

In terms of sound excellent, valid to life sound, punchy bass, clean sound signature allowing you to hear all the details in the music, While you use it on the go. 

The RHA MA650 Wireless is also the first earphone on our list, which is Hi-res certified by the Japanese audio society, so that's pretty impressive slightly more expensive, But we've got another alternative here. 

The Beats by Dre-Beats X, now these earphones are of course are very famous around the world, They're very popular, and the Beats by Dre brand name does all the heavy lifting for these earphones. 

Still, Apple designs the BeatsX to work very well and seamlessly with the iPhone, which is why you find that not only the earphones sound great when using only the iPhone but also straightforward to pair.

 You have to bring these earphones near the iPhone with the Bluetooth turned on. 

The Apple W1 chip kicks in if you're die-hard iPhone user, and you want to save yourself a couple of extra seconds while pairing these earphones for the very first time the BeatsX is going to make you excited, The BeatsX is excellent for bass heads. 

Here's something fresh from Apple the BeatsX also comes with fast fuels. 

So, it allows you to charge these earphones in just 5 mins using your lightning connector and gives you nearly2 hours of playtime. 

Just in case you forgot to charge your earphones before you hit the gym, there was no problem. 

7. MA750 wireless:

Okay, for a budget of under Rs12,000, we come back to another wireless earphone from RHA now the MA750 wireless. The flagship earphone from the Scottish brand is easily the best sounding earphones that you can get your hands on, which offers you the convenience of being wireless. 

The MA750 Wireless is very similar to the MA650 wireless; it comes with stainless steel built. It comes with a three-year warranty and outstanding 12 hours battery life, but the notable difference is that this comes with the beautiful handmade driver that opens up the earphones' sound. 

Now for the next earphone on a list, We're going to take a quick detour, and that's because I want to talk to you about the German brand Bragi and their latest offering.

The Headphone is a truly wireless earphone, which is why at this price point, it's very unusual that I'm going to prioritize convenience over sound quality, but that's really what Bragi's.

The Headphone is about; It's a genuinely wireless product with two earbuds just left and right and nothing connecting the two.

So, it's a bit like the James bond style experience, where nobody can see you and tell you that you have your earphones.

The Headphone sounds nice.  I would say just for the fact that a genuinely wireless product should be on this list. It's going to be my top recommendation for the best earphones under Rs13,000. 

8. V-MODA Forza Metallo wireless:

I am excited by the best wireless earphones under Rs15,000, And now I am excited to talk to you about the V-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless.
V-MODA is known worldwide for making some fantastic headphones that are very popular with the top Dj's around the world.

It's the kind sound signature that you will like if you want a lot of bass in your music and you want to be pumped up while working out V-MODA takes that sound and applies it to your ideal pocket size convenient wireless earphone that is meant to be used in the gym. 

The Forza Metallo Wireless is easily the best sounding and the best-looking earphones on our list here. I would say that they built like a tank, and it's an earphone that has durability, looks, and style.

V-MODA has pushed the boundaries with these earphones, which is why they're our top pick for the best wireless earphones under Rs15,000. 

Now we come to an exceptional segment: What are the best wireless earphones price at any budget? 
Is where I'd say that the Bragi Dash Pro is at the epitome of what wireless earphone technology. 

You can swipe up and down on the earbuds themselves, changing tracks and going through files and folders. You find that it's built-in an entire operating system around these earphones called Bragi OS comes with tons of activities, sensors, and trackers that measure all your movements As you're cycling, running, or swimming. 

Yes, you heard that right it comes with an IPX7 rating, so the earphones are entirely waterproof. Simultaneously, these earphones come with 4GB internal memory, so you don't even need a smartphone to pair it. 

You will find that the number of features that Bragi has packed into these earphones is ever-growing with every update that Bragi launches over the cloud. I'd say as an earphone this is simply the best wireless earphones ever. 

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