Thursday 14 July 2022

10 Tech Gadgets That Will Waste Your Money!

What's going on guys? I am Mohit and welcome to 10 tech gadgets that waste your money that will spend your cash THAT MAY waste your money we're not sure.

Let's see if they're wasteful or wasteful. 

10 Tech Gadgets That Will Waste Your Money!

1. Ninja remote 2:   

A TV point and hide it and watch it control the TV like a long ghost range works up to 400 feet needs a direct line of sight, so you're just like creepin' on your neighbors at night and your just like pressing the button neighbor's at night, and you're just like pressing the button and pointing it at your neighbor's screen Brandon: what was that? Matthias: uh the remotes right here and I'm pushing the buttons on the top of it *chuckles* built-in LED light? No way!  

There's a built-in LED light, so like if you're trying to watch TV and I have it / like and you're trying to change the channel. What effect does it have on classroom projectors? Brandon: 

see that would be fun power control and volume control. If you hit jammer, it makes other remote useless think before you do it, I got suspended for doing this in my classroom, but it was a great joke aw man teachers these days suspended!  just like so trigger happy! 

Oh! You brought your remote that sends infrared signals to my projector that's expulsion back in my day. Oh, did I say that, oh! 

2.Intelligent Smart Watch:

Alright, sweet next item, OK, I have never heard of a smartwatch called a smart bracelet. Hey, would you like a fashionable bracelet? Oh, I don't know that they have got so many different types,  They got u3 and x10 they got the b20 and a b90 oh yes oh b90  yeah  2018 model you need clock mode clock settings 24 hours.

 Was like 27..dollars- e look how big it is, look at the difference here, do you see, the size difference? The difference maybe it doesn't even play on camera how friggin big this thing is that's wasteful, that is wasteful.


The world best mixer blender shaker bottle with x-blade technology integrated proteins you protein -ew protein- storage container 100 percent leak-proof guaranteed BPA so when it leaks what- what do you do? Who do you- call up a hotline be like "It leaked" ELITE ATHLETE TRIED- TESTED AND APPROVED. THE WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL VORTEX MIXER. USB RECHARGEABLE. 

It separates like crazy, and you have to like continually- I mean, but this is no different than just shaking the cup like this right like you know this is no different than just doing this all for texts all I *Shakes Water Bottle*. 

This is clean energy, to  I don't even have to recharge my arm. About two weeks after the motor stops turning on since I lived in u.s. It was going to be two hundred dollars to ship back- what the heck- to the UK, I decided to open and investigate it myself it seems the water leaked in and damaged the battery that simple fix me since I'm an engineer. But it wouldn't be a simple fix for the average user I don't know- I'm not an engineer, 'I ain't` no engineer, but I think I'll be able to handle. 

After 20 uses, this stopped working. I took it apart and realized it was a low-quality switch and some water damage. So they lied- essentially, the high product makes it very easy to- take a Slimfast shake to work for lunch; I don't need a blender as I can easily use it to mix it. 

Very disappointed only a few months and only use maybe ten times. That's an intense de. I bought this- last week I enjoyed it. I mixed some drinks, uhh- UPDATE EXPLODED. This is like- I ruined my slim fast shake with battery acid Waste of money for pro-mix two-point-O. Stopped working after one month seems like everyone's getting that same issue wasteful! That's wasteful

4. Mzero-gravity fridge rover:

The process of gravity-defying for a driver will move over any magnetic surface all you have to do is wind it up and watch it go oh iconic, so it's magnetic so what's going to prevent this from scratching.
My stainless-steel fridge we've made contact oh just the wheels that make contact all reading book smart people need not complain about this story for the price or that it's too hard to win my 65 and two-year-old can find this tour just fine they love it. It works as advertised; it only goes in a straight line and stops and obstructions.

I don't understand the people that buy these products man look at product fridge magnet that role on your bridge by his product gets the product. This fridge magnet only rose in my place to do it, so what the crap man stupid products don't expect much six dollars.
I don't know. Let's try to add the correct look at this kid's lab zero gravity fridge Rovers alright de here's the product this little guy right here looks like all you do is just twist.
That need any roles to do the two magnets right there the bone OK OK OK all right you want to test this the fridge it's magnetic going to go from the bottom up.

5.Shiatsu Foot Massager:

She acts who foot massager with heat pain relief and relaxing meeting balls and air pressure to defensive mode OK so this is just a really creepy looking foot massager I don't like the fact that you think to go come on dude i look at you before you made that you're like I wasn't making a phrase you want a dog she's hard I'm gonna be honest with you bro i have one of these at home and Amanda loves it literally massager foot every night with this visit i got his exact one it looks very similar it's not pink it's just black like a reasonable thing you know what the little items inside it's like pink and talking to you isn't it like I'm not kidding is that what you got what what you thought it was just wasting in the essentials like and it just looks weird you think you're putting a hold the egg told you you're the pervert that's what you put in the list you're the pervert no it's just weird why would you put your foot in the hallways at the end you ever use one of these no that's what i thought it was strange and wasteful.

6. YIER LED light: 

YIER LED lightsaber to light up bright black umbrella with seven colors. This is sweet and AF OK, I'm a sorry de. You are such a calm carry to travel, haha, so you do what people are like the that's kind of cool be like see.
I was right. You are such a cold, call our you're so cool. Do we get to choose colors, or does it change colors automatically? What is this? I'm too excited, seven colors deep colors; yes, I could be sit.

Those rotating color crystals cause all lightsabers to have flashlights. This is not a lightsaber de can't hit people with it yeah, I still want it though wasteful, but I'm still keeping it what you can't say it's extravagant. 

7. Levitating Bluetooth speaker:

If you're going to keep it levitating Bluetooth speaker floating west and something my tongue, so side by blowing speakers got it what's the point. 
I see so many variations of this object I see so many changes flowing speaker but why wow seems flow before you see magnet the magnet. 

I've shut now, use. I'm unable to connect light on the ball keeps blinking blue. My Bluetooth devices do not recognize it. Is there a reset.
I don't know; please check his brother it's so sad did not work sent it back three of us tried to get it to work through three of us all three of us it should not be that problematic pleased and disk as pointed it has this was a fathers day gift so sad you. 

I'm going to climb. 

I get really into this bearded we're trying to use my dad, and my dad was boiling me, my dad. My mom outside together to return I've had this product or under five months and until recently haven't used it much I'm now using a lot and notice the burning smell granddaughter loves it for her birthday. Still, the levitation force quit working oh no soon it's just standard speakers all food I've never again listened to us, and that's not floating alright have you ever heard floating sound, but it's like you're in heaven floating forget that e wait for wasteful.

8. Le Pen lightning mobile phones:

Le Pen lightning mobile phones and portable cooler is rotating banner for apple iPhone ads as blessed iPhone 6 plus.
I don't sv5 as a black  I  breathe more wine about to look I got all these different colors, and this plugs into the bottom of your phone you have a fan of the most popular iPhone gadget.
This summer get enough that as a pretty heavy-handed like shit advertisement and rotatable sure hope so and the wing is soft, so it is safe you could use your hand to find yourself never leave attery. Still, this one you want this very misleading set for iPhone 6 and then lift others might not work for an iPhone 6 even though this wiper spit oh good only if you're hot will not you move your hair though they bought it and there's like you need actual an agency OK so let's try it out.

I'm sure to LIKE white in the porta so that any time you plug-in like a regular lightning cable just like group right out it is making my hair, they look at that can get out you're going to get out ask it's going pretty fast too also soft safe so saw it right and they're kind of on the fence. I can't pray at oh that way no thanks 

9. Ivishhow:

I bish how that happens well that's blue Bluetooth smart bracelet wristwatch only digital watch mp3 for iOS iPhone Samsung HTC and android smartphone but couldn't do it in one breath I suck. At the same time, the that's a partner of cell phone all of your cell phone needs a partner there you go you forget that look that feeling that you like that you see your iPhone sitting on the table. You're like you must be lonely. I  get you a partner start function cool sports function don't know like 35 bucks.

I'll look after touching it de some suggested help me the player hourly chime huh it's somewhat useful SMS pedometer call.
I mean, it's pretty much for my Apple watch does my Apple watches ten times that price but doesn't do it well here's the thing my Apple watch.
Some media arguably it's a lot better looking than that looks like you're like really obsessed with being in the future the people that were like Google glass. I trust me it will catch now know it waterproof or splash breathe it is neither waterproof nor splash right well my watches, so there's a plus I think is right. Still, it should be color, or the main screen should be touchable of the mainstream is not touchable relied on that one it was like oh no we're just touching the button on the side they said it was intelligent they lied that's why to point 35 bucks forget that e that is wasteful.

10.Streetwise Sting Ring:

Streetwise sting ring 18 million volt stun gun perfect back-to-school discreet defense rechargeable black so was I got brass knuckles but electric knuckles.
You know so it's like super you holding your hand and like people can tell that you can let you're a take them necessarily when it comes to protecting yourself saving seconds.
Can save your life is a panic situation the Sun can be activated quickly and easily by simply squeezing it concealed by your hand that's the cool part I think that the base of it covered right. Hence, it just looks like a ring that had great reviews.

I'm sure the electric charge could go through the thin fabric, but it may also ruin it now if you're thinking of cooking mittens, not sure this game fast.  

I have a lot of phones. He's definitely would recommend very light and mobile you packed punch sighs; it feels like it's ripping your skin and sucking it up a to hurts and feels weird. Still, it leaves a red mark who shocked me and landed across the room when I threw it off I think it is illegal to carry this product could be I'm not to worry about it let's add to cart let's do it boom being ring 18 million.

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