Friday 2 December 2022

How To Start Learning Artificial Intelligence(AI) Programming 

How To Start Learning Artificial Intelligence(AI) Programming

Hello friends, This article is on how you can start learning AI. Maybe you are confused like where to start and what to learn, so here you will find easy and effective steps or start your career in artificial intelligence.

AI is trending these days, and people who know AI are in demand. There are lots of opportunities in various fields for so it's the right decision to start learning AI.

But learning AI is not so easy for this  I read many blogs and done lots of research to find best from the best so let's get started first let's go over what you should already know mathematics yes without maths there's no way you can build.

 AI, you should know the concept of automation and how it is related to computer science, and the last thing programming language and Python is recommended now, let's go through simple steps to learn AI. 

First thing first, you must know mathematics and basic math will not do the magic you should know graphs, trees, linear algebra, probability, calculus all that stuff.

The second thing is a data structure and how to interact with the machine. The third is writing algorithms and Fourth and final practice, and you will always find a way to learn if you want to learn yes.

AI is not simple to learn, but everyone is doing, and if they are doing, then what about your experts have released high-quality open-source software tools and libraries for this.

For learning AI, you should go for the purely reactive AI if you saw my video on artificial intelligence vs. machine learning vs. deep learning.

I haven't discussed much on AI because I was focused on machine learning.

So there are four types of AI-first is purely reactive. This one is the most basic form of AI. It covers only one area examples can be google's alpha, and IBM's Deep Blue next is limited memory AI. 

It can make proper decisions from the past information as the name suggests it has enough memory to execute appropriate actions. Examples can be self-driving vehicles, and chatbots third is the theory of mind.

These AI can understand thoughts and emotion which affects human behavior; you can say that it is human-like, but this AI is not ready. Yet, you can think of sonny from iRobot movie or C3PO from Star Wars the final and fourth AI itself-aware this type of AI is super intelligent, unlike purely reactive these AI know about all fields. 

They are aware of their internal states and can predict the feelings of others; however, Elon Musk thinks self over AI.

AI can be the extinction of personal example can be Synths or whatever you pronounce from TV series"Humans" or Eva from 2015 movie "Ex Machina."
There are four types of AI. 

It would help if you always started with easy one which is purely reactive so let's go oversteps again the first step learn maths first, or you can learn Python first whichever you want to go with first, 

The second step learns Python AI also involves programming languages like R and Java. Still, Python is recommended after learning Python. You should check out libraries like SciPy, PyBrain NumPy, etc. Will help build machine learning algorithms the fourth step to learn machine learning.


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