Sunday 5 July 2020

EARN $25 PER HOUR Make Money Listening to Music | Make Money Online in 2020

EARN $25 PER HOUR Make Money Listening to Music

Six dollars and ninety-five dollars and sixty cents $9 $9.50 don't escape here helping you survive your nine to five job today I'm showing you a legit website that pays you to listen to music some of your favorite songs and some of the hottest new artists coming out.

I'm also gonna show you a legit way to make an extra five hundred or even a thousand dollars in a single day.

Now let's jump over to the website that's gonna pay you to listen to music right now alright guys the first thing you want to do is actually go sign up to pay if you haven't already cuz this is how you're gonna get paid out via your PayPal account,

So, later on, you can go ahead and spend the money on whatever you like. You can either pay it online or send it directly to your bank account, so you can take it out.

And use this real cash, so make sure you go sign up to PayPal cuz this is how you're gonna be receiving money through this payment method.

So what you're gonna want to do is go over to this website right here guys, and this is actually my back office right away it literally asks you what would you like to do would you like to take a new survey.

To listen to music ranked brands and fashion guys or just a lucky tip for today guys, so like I mentioned, that's all you're gonna be doing this listening to music.

And getting paid for it so if I go ahead and click on music right here, it's gonna take you over to this page right here where you can go ahead and play the song listen to the track and give your honest feedback so let me go ahead and play it for you real quick so and not too bad.

I guess anyway, so what you're gonna do is listen to a song for at least 90 seconds after that give your honest review inside this box, so this was the best song ever give your honest feedback guys.

Let them know what you like about the song that you didn't want. You only have to write about four to five sentences.

So just a small paragraph giving your honest feedback on the song after that you're gonna be asked to rate the song on funk gentle happy honest on a scale from one to today little bit about one through ten anyway so one through ten.

Guys, you have a couple scales right here, so what they pay for was a positive sexy whatever guys once you're done. You're gonna go ahead and click on submit, and literally, instantly, you get a payment to your account, so it's really cool guys.

So if I go ahead and click on this one right here alright, so check this out guys, it's asking me what I think of Chiquita Adriene it's the prime minister of New Zealand.

It's basically asking you let you let us know what you think of jarrah and her leadership there in the corona pandemic.

So if you don't know you know who that is or if you know obviously you're not in New Zealand all you have to do is just give your honest feedback I don't listen to the news.

I don't follow politics I don't you know I'm not aware what's going on or what she has done just give your honest feedback and just give the rating 10 out of 10 or whatever you guys all you're doing is basically filling out this information on here on daily post questions and surveys that they have for you so today obviously it's asking me to go ahead and review this out Prime Minister right here,

Still, what it usually asks for guys this is actually kind of brand-new, but the first time I actually see this myself.

Again, I typically ask you it's just to go over our clothing brand give your honest opinion on fashion brands either on you hoodie on your shirt or sweater over all the latest fashions brands that are coming out on the market guys,

So it's a pretty cool app and pretty cool website overall now check this out guys if I actually scroll up you're gonna see here this is my actual profile so far.

I've made 13 cents let me go ahead and open that up, so I'm inside my account right now guys and check this out I've already made 13 cents listening to songs they're paying about 2 to 5 cents per song guys but as you take more review as you do more studies. 

You know giving more feedback you're gonna start getting paid more and more for each song so check this out I've already reviewed 9 songs guys check that out right there anyways as you're doing more reviews like I just mentioned you're gonna start getting more stars on your profile so when I had a one star.

I was getting paid the lowest now that I reached two stars I'm getting a little more money for each review once you obviously get to 5 stars you're gonna be getting paid the most for each review at least 10 to 20 cents per report guys and check this out right here.

I have a balance in my account for 13 cents.

I can go ahead and withdraw once I hit the minimum of $10, so basically, once you hit a $10 threshold, you can go ahead and withdraw your money via your PayPal account so you can go ahead and spend it.

On whatever you like to Ching anyways guys to go ahead and sign up to this website right here, just go over to this page it's called slice the pie slice the pie com you're gonna get paid for your opinion you're gonna get paid.

To listen to music to take on quick clothes, guys, it's straightforward to start making some money using this website and this app cuz because it's also actually an app.

Now I actually featured it on my channel last week when I first downloaded it guys.

Since then I reached a two-star level on my account, and I'm getting paid more for every review that I do so far again I've written 13 cents so obviously not a lot of guys, but just an easy way to make some quick extra money again the name of this website is called sliced up.

You and I've gonna be roughly making between a cent of 5 to 10 cents for every review that you do now obviously that's not a lot of money you know especially.

For the time that it's gonna take to do the review, you're gonna take about 5 minutes survey. You're only gonna make about 5 cents per it.

So that's like not even really $1.00 per hour you came here to learn how to make some real money so check this out real quick I'm inside my email where.

I just received a payment for $1,000, and this is my actual email go ahead and give it a quick refresh, so you know it's not a scam or a joke check this out again a thousand dollar payment where I earned a new commission now.

Now, this is not a scam or a scheme or whatever guys this is a legit way to start making some extra income from home for anyone that wants to escape their nine-to-five job and become their own boss again.

Thanks for reading!

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