Monday 15 June 2020

Best Work From Home Jobs 2021 | How to Make Money Online 

Best Work From Home Jobs 2020

Now is the time to get help. Look, I know the government is sending stimulus checks to people, but maybe some people can not wait for that. Perhaps some people don't qualify for it. 

Note that you can start earning money right away from some of these jobs that require no degree, no certification, no experience, but some do require a little more work. So let's get right into the 7best work from home jobs in 2020. The number seven best work from home job in 2020 is transcribing or captioning. 

So what is it exactly? Transcribing is when you listen to audio and video, and you type what is being said. Captioning is the same but a few differences. And captioning. 

You will watch the video type what is being said and also convey the sounds and easy way to understand captioning is when you're trying to do the Songs and chill thing, and you want subtitles to play. 

It is captioning at its core. So what is the best side to earn money from home transcribed with Why has over 15,000freelancers transcribing or captioning video content on its platform. 

One of the benefits of having this freelancing type job is that it allows you to work as much or as little as you want, whenever you want, and you can enjoy a selection from hundreds of products that interests you. has a vast network of customers that equals a steady stream of freelancing jobs to choose from. 

So how much can I earn as a transcriptionist? 

You can earn from 30 cents to a dollar and 10 cents per minute. And as a captioner, you can earn between 54 cents to a dollar. And 10 cents per minute. 

So what does this same tune in hourly pay? Just to listen to a video and audio, you can earn up to $66per hour with no degree, no certification, and no experience required. Hypothetically, if you have for 40 hours per week, you could then earn up to $137,280per year or $11,440 per month. 

The chances are slim that you're going to get consistent 40 hours, but this is here just to show you what is possible. What's even crazier is that if you can speak multiple languages, you can now make up the dollar 50 cents to $3 per minute or up to $180 per hour to translate subtitles in different languages. 

So how do I apply if is currently accepting freelancers from your country? You will simply go to scroll to the bottom and click on freelancers and then click register. 

The registering portion consists of two parts. 

The first part is a grammar quiz consisting of 20questions, and the second part is where you will transcribe a three-minute sample and wait to be contacted by for approval. 

This process usually takes less than a week to hear back from them. The number six best work from home job in 2020 is to become a test. So what exactly is the tester? 

These testing companies operate a platform that gets rapid customer feedback on almost any customer experience that you can imagine, including websites, mobile apps, and real-world experiences.

So why would companies pay for this? They can get identifiable pinpoint in their customer experience, understand what their customers are thinking and feeling, and validate design decisions before committing resources such as money. 

In short, the tester can get paid to share your opinions and experiences about something such as a website, an application, a program, et cetera. So what is the best site to make money from home only by testing? 

My GoTo is user Why user is the industry leader in this category. They have completed over 3 million tests, paid out over $10 million in commission to participants in 2019 alone, and influenced over 35,000 different brands, including household names such as Walmart, Facebook, Home Depot, CVS, Adobe, Ford, and many, many more. So how much money can I earn? 

First off, you don't have to pay anything to start. All you need to have is a computer, a microphone, and then download screen recording software to record your opinions or views. You can also offer mobile testing in which you will just need a smartphone. Testers get paid $10 per test, which usually takes about 20 minutes to complete. 

And then you have four quick follow-up written questions. So imagine getting paid up to $30 per hour to voice your opinion simply. So let's say $30 is not enough. 

They also have tests in which you can interact live with a customer, up to 20 minutes, and then get paid $60 to do so. So now it's up to $180 an hour. 

So now you might be wondering, how do I apply? You simply go to usertesting.comclick on getting to test on the top, sign up, and then wait to receive testing opportunities in your email. 

That's simple—quick interlude. 

The number five best work from home job in 2020 is teaching English online. So what is this exactly? You can teach English online to adults or students from all age ranges from all across the world. Many sites offer this kind of work.

However, I want to concentrate just on teaching English to kids. So what is the best site to make money from home educating English Why did I choose is an online ESL or English as a second language teaching program that teaches Chinese students ages four to 12 English. has over 700,000 students on its platform, waiting for teachers like you. All classes are held one-on-one and conducted online through their VIPkid portal, which is similar to Skype or facetime. 

So you're probably wondering, do I need to know Chinese? The answer is no. 

So how much money can I earn? 

On average, you will earn between 15 to $22 per hour because you select your hours. Total earning opportunities can vary. 

So how do I apply? 

Go to VIP forward slash each sign up to create an account. Once you create the account, you will then need to review some materials and do a short demo lesson, and you will then do a mock class with a current teacher to help prepare you for the real thing. 

Once accepted, you then sign a contract and start teaching. Wait, wait, wait, did you just say sign a contract? 

Yes, a six-month minimum commitment is required, but during that time, you can work as much as you want or as little as you like. Simply want to ensure that students get the highest quality care from their program. 

Thus, they want teachers who are serious and also teachers who can stay with their students for a certain amount of time to ensure their success. Still don't understand why you got to sign a contract? Just imagine this.

 Let's say you're going to elementary school or middle school, and you have a math class. Imagine having a different math teacher every single week. 

How would you progress in your math? Then one thing to note is that there are a few requirements to apply for this program. You will need at least a bachelor's degree and a teaching line. 

However, if you did not have a teaching license, you will have to complete aT E S O L program. However, VIP offers you one for free. 

The number four best work from home job in 2020 is an online tutor. So what is online tutoring?

It is very similar to the previous best work from home job of teaching English to kids, but it is much broader. You will be tutoring adults or kids ina variety of subjects, including music, biology, math, reading, English, computer, and many more. 

So what is the best site to make money from home? Being a tutor and teaching online?

My pick goes to Why? 

Why isn't dot com is the nation's largest community of professional tutors. They also offer both in-person tutors and online tutors. Has been featured in the New York Times, CNBC, CBS, Fox News, Forbes, and many more reputable new sources. 

Every month, millions of new students and parents come to Wyzant to find a tutor. There are new job opportunities posted every single minute. 

So how much money can I earn? 

You get to choose your hourly rate. Most tutors charge between$30 to $60 per hour, but some even charge $90 plus per hour for some of the harder subjects, such as computer skills or test prep. 

In fact, why isn't dot com tutors have earned more than $64 million since its inception? 

So how do I apply? 

Go to Click on the start tutoring and then the apply now button on the top. 

You then simply choose a subject that you want to tutor, write detailed information about yourself, your teaching experience, hourly rate, et cetera. 

You then want to personalize your profile, read and agree to their tutor agreement, verify your email, and then wait to be accepted in the program. 

The number three best work from home job in 2020 goes to the Amazon remote jobs. So what exactly is this? 

There are several positions that you are could apply for, such as sales, advertising, it, human resources, medical or safety, technical reps, and also customer service. So how much money can I earn?  

It can vary from a starting salary of$40,000 per year for customer service reps, all the way up to $500,000plus for lead program managers. 

So how do I apply it? 

Go to and then click on the view remote jobs in the middle of the screen, and you can then filter by job type, job category, business category, et cetera until you find the one that fits your needs. 

Once you find the one you're looking for, click on that posting and then click apply. Now, the number two best work from home job in 2020 it goes to the Apple at home advisor. So what does an Apple at HomeAdvisor? 

If you're an Appleholic like me and you would like to get a$2,000 Apple iMac for free, then this might be for you. When you become an Apple at home advisor, you will be the customers first point of contact. 

You'll provide world-class customer support, troubleshooting, and technical support. If you're a little nervous about doing this or not. Sure. If you know everything about Apple, don't worry. Apple's training pipeline program is state of the art and unparalleled to almost any other company in the world. 

You can go to Once you're there, click on want to search for a job now button. Filter what your needs are, click on the job posting, and then submit your resume. 

And the number one best work from home job in 2020 goes to becoming an audiobook narrator. 

 But in short, audiobook,, or commonly referred to asACX is a website that connects authors or publishers to individuals like you and I that will read their book or narrate, thus turning into an audiobook. 

ACX is owned and operated by Amazon and sells its audiobooks on audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Why is this important? It gives you access to an audience of over 250 million people worldwide. Why do I care how big the audience is? Well, that leads me to my next point. How much money can I earn? 

You can earn up to $400 per hour reading a book that usually consists of about a 10-hour project. If you do that math, that's $4,000 merely to read a book.


They also have a second payment option that you can choose, which is the split 50 50 the world tensor profits from the Silva audiobook. So how do I apply you? Go to, click on narrators on the bottom and then click on step one to sign up on ACX and create your profile. 

Thanks For reading it!

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