Saturday 14 March 2020

How to Earn money online by selling Ebooks  

Earn passive money online by selling E-books

So hello, guys today I Mohit and tell you an exciting and easy way to earn passive money online.

Passive money means you have to works only once and get income daily without doing anything.

As you can read in the title that you have to earn by selling Ebooks and you also thought that you have to write your own Ebook, but the answer is that you have done nothing.

You do not need to make any front cover or write an Ebook. Only you have to sell your Ebook by uploading it in the different online platforms then how you can do it lets start.

As you all see in the Amazon Kindle, there are lots of ebook sellers that can sell their Ebook in 3 to 15 dollars. And the sales of there Ebook is in thousands.

By the high amount, you can get the idea that there is very potential in this source of earning.

The platform for selling Ebooks:-

In this source of earning, as more you can upload your Ebook more sales, you can get and more making you have from these platforms.

1. Amazon Kindle
The first platform for selling your Ebook is Amazon Kindle, where you have to make an amazon Kindle seller account to upload your Ebooks and get more sales.

2. eBay
This is the second platform where you can upload your Ebooks to earn lots of passive income.

3. E Junkie 
This is also a common platform for selling and buying Ebooks.

In this platform, you have to pay 10 bucks per month to sell your ebooks.

If you have not to invest 10 bucks, then you can use eBay or amazon Kindle for Ebooks selling.

But if you have to maximize your sales, you can invest 10 bucks per month on E Junkie.

A platform for making Ebook 

There are two popular websites where you can make your ebooks, slips book or video transcription.

The first platform for creating ebooks slips book, or video transcription is, where you can get a video tutorial by which you can make your own Ebook only in 2 minutes.

For that, you have only to choose your template of Ebook and upload the contents from your pc or from this site by selecting your ebook topic to make your Ebook very quickly.

But on this platform, you have to make your Ebook by paying some amount of money according to per ebooks, but output after selling the ebooks is outstanding.

In this platform, you have to pay 27 bucks to get the lifetime license of creating ebooks.

This is also a top-rated platform where you can make your Ebook with absolutely free.

There are so many paid ebooks, but this source also has many free ebooks.

So by these platforms, you can earn lots of passive income by publishing ebooks there.

3. FreeLancer 
The third way of creating ebooks you can use the freelancer platform for making ebooks where you can find many peoples who can give their services for making ebooks by paying some amount of money to them.

By these platforms and making lots of ebooks and publish it on different ebooks platform to gain more and more passive income.

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