Friday 13 March 2020

4 best video editing application for mobile phone 

4 best video editing application in mobile phone

Hello, friends today I Mohit give you essential things that every YouTubers needed before uploading any video clip on YouTube that is video editing.

But it is challenging for beginners YouTubers to do professional video editing with PC because they don't have enough money or knowledge to buy a new PC and start video editing.

So, today I can give you 5 professional video editing application which every YouTubers can use in its mobile phone.

There are so many video editing application in the play store but which is the best of professional video editing.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush- a video editor
This is a very professional and popular video editing application for video editing.

All the beginning YouTubers can use this application to do professional video editing easily with this application and start their youtube channel.

In this application, you can edit voice over clips, video on video clips and many more features.

But one limitation of this application is that it required premium after 3 exporting of video.

2. Align Motion — Video and Animation 
This is also very famous and easy to use in this video editing application we can use many of features that we can use in a PC video e software.

By this application, we can get the fell of a professional video editing experience like in PC.

In this application, we can make layers to latest of editing, we can also edit chroma background video editing.

In chroma essential video editing, we can change the background of our video easily with this effect professionally.

In this application, we can edit up to perfect 4k videos.

But one of the limitations of this application it is paid, and the plan of this application is tiny that 30 rupees per month.

3. Kinemaster- video editing 
This is top-rated video editing software among Indian YouTubers, this software is absolutely free, and we can edit professional video with it.

This application contains most of the features that a premium video editing application provides.

So, if you are beginners, you can go with kine master.

4. Powerdirector- video editing
This application is similar to that of kine master for video editing.

In this application, we can get all the necessary features that a beginner YouTubers needed.

But this application is a little bit difficult for editing than kine master.

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