Monday 11 July 2022

   3 best ways to find blog post topics

3 best ways to find blog post topics

Hello, friends today I Mohit solve the main problem of every blogger that how they can find the new ideas and topics for their blog post.

Every new and old blogger needs to find fresh new topics to increase their blog post if they increase their blog post the traffic increase, more is the traffic more will be the earning of that blog.


Quora is the best platform for every blogger, in quora, there are lots of blogs topic and lots of questions.

Quora is the gold mine of traffic, new bloggers can use quora as the primary source of traffic by answering the questions of the asked questions, and below it, they can leave the link of their post related to that question.

Suppose if the question is on SEO you know the answer to that question, but you don't have the blog post on that then from that you can easily find the blog post topic that is SEO.

From Quora you can find the topic SEO, then you can write an article on that and leave the link of your article after your answer on Quora from that you also get the initial traffic for your blog post.

But one thing that is kept in your mind that not do scam in Quora otherwise your Quora account banned. You not past only links you have to write the answer genuinely and then paste the ring of your blog post.

So, that your answer not deleted by Quora.

Therefore Quora is a great platform to get blog post topic and also the traffic.

2. Answer the Public 

This is also a great platform like quora from this website, you find lots of questions related to your main keyword in the form of what, when, why, how.

From this website you can find lots of new topics that are the questions of other people.

And with those topics, you can choose your blog post topic related to the niche of your site.

In this website, you have only added your
main keyword, and you can get lots of questions related to that keyword. 

In this way, you can find lots of questions, and you can take that question as your blog post topic.

3. YouTube

YouTube is the second search engine after Google so can't ignore it. YouTube contains lots of audience and publisher who can publish lots of video in different categories.

So, you have only to subscribe to a lot of channels related to the niche of your website, and from that youtube channels, you can find lots of videos.

By the use of YouTube videos, you can find the new topic that you can use as your blog post.

For example, a blogging related channel post a video related to SEO, then you got an idea from that video about your blog post topic, and you can write articles on that video.

While the article gives you a platform where you can find lots of questions of people's related to your blog niche, you can take that question as your blog post topic.

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