Monday 11 July 2022

How to SEO of any Post and Rank 1st on Google

What is SEO:-

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.
It is essential for every blogger who wants to rank 1st on Google or in any search engine. Every blogger and website developer or any person who does digital marketing or network marketing has to get more organic and to gain more money from their blog or their website. SEO is an essential and most broad technique that all the bloggers and website developers use to rank their website or post on the first page of Google or any search engine.

Why SEO is Important for Blogging:-

SEO is Important for all the network marketing people, bloggers, web developers, YouTubers, and other online developers. 

SEO is vital because in the vast and big competition word of digital marketing every blogger and web developer wants to gain more and more money from Online and they rank their website in the first position of Google or any search engine.

So how you can able to rank your website on the first page and then in the first position of Google or in any search engine.

How to do SEO for Blogger Post:-

SEO contains a lot of things, SEO is a vast and huge topic is the word of digital marketing and in web development.

SEO is of many types for this I explain on this topic of SEO.

We can do SEO to beat our competitors that are rank in the first position of Google or any search engine.

You can do SEO in many ways below there are two types of SEO. One is that you can do in your blog post and others that you can do outside the blog post by making social signals or backlinks.

What is On-Page SEO:-

Every blogger has a dream to rank its website at the top of Google or any other search engine on the first page. But in this big competition of blogging, it is challenging to rank on the first page, but everything is possible in this digital world of blogging.

Firstly, you have to choose the low competition keyword before you writing a blog post. It is essential to do proper keyword research.

Secondly, you have written and chosen the low competition keyword title for your blog post and for your article that is unique and do keyword stuffing for your blog post.

Then you have written the proper SEO friendly article with low competition keyword.

You have to keep that in mind that you have to use the alternate keyword related to this blog post contains as the Subtitles of your blog post.

Thirdly, you have to do the proper SEO of Image of your blog post by adding properties, alter text and title of image related to the title of the blog post so that your image is also rank in the Google image section.

Then you have to add the permalink and search description of your blog post in the right corner of the blog post of the blogger.

For this, you have to keep in mind that you write the permalink short and search description contains the keywords.

You have also done the internal linking of your blog post so that you can get more and more traffic between your blog post.

If your blog post contains internal linking then suppose a user comes to your blog then he or she will also go to your other posts too.

What is OFF Page SEO:-

The off-page SEO also contains two things, mainly all the bloggers and web developer do their off-page SEO by creating Backlinks and the Social media signals.


The links that are created by any blogger or web developer to get more and more traffic from the other sites.

If any blog post has more Backlinks, then Google gets huge positive signals for their job and Google algorithm itself to take his or her blog post to the top of the Google page.

You can create the Backlinks from the high DA ( Domain Authority) PA ( Page Authority) websites these help you to get more and more traffic from other websites.

You can also do Guest Post of your blog post.
This can be done with other websites you can contact with your related topics website and ask him to post their article into their website as a guest post and give the link of your website.

Social Signals:-

These are also very important for any website post. Google also takes the shares of your blog post and the users interaction with your job.

Social media signals increase the authority and the ranking of any website within a few days.

With the help of this newer blogger and newer website get initial traffic from social media and make the image of their website between the audience of social media.

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